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Anyone Can CommentObviously this is also the main appeal of comments; that everyone has a voice. To comment on a Cracked article you don't need a M.Sc in Applied Comedic Sciences - a 6 year educational odyssey which few people complete largely thanks to the Slapstick requirement's 30% mortality rate. Airing the opinions of not just the experts but also the great unwashed is widely thought to be a good thing especially amongst people who have never actually met the great unwashed.So with a good comment defined let's look at all the ways this ideal is ignored and itemize some of the ass nuggets routinely posted in its place.But it turns out that a great benchmark for whether someone is worth listening to or not is whether they've convinced an editor and publisher and spell-checker that their ideas aren't dribbling birdshit. If someone hasn't broached those barriers nike free run 5, it's entirely likely that they're not worth listening to. The only way to tell if a comment is stool or not is to read it making finding useful comments in a comments thread a bit like hunting for a needle in an outhouse. If there's one thing I know about readers on the Internet it's that they don't have a lot of patience wading through crap to find the good stuff. This is the land of tl;dr nike free run 5, and expecting someone to shovel through three hundred misspelled racial slurs to read a good point about Ray Romano's balls is expecting a lot.

Because brewmasters are working with unpredictable natural ingredients like barley yeast and hops any slight variation of each has to be compensated for at each step of the brewing process so that the finished product always tastes the same to consumers. That means the brewmaster must keep an eye and tongue on each batch of beer at all times during it's production making the job extremely tedious and foul tasting especially when you consider what a half-brewed beer tastes like.Brewmasters and brewers work in factory-like conditions that often exceed 100 degrees Fahrenheit are potentially dangerousand because of the malted barley and roasting of hops nike shoes, a stench not unlike the odor of urine continually hangs in the air.Also much of being a brewmaster is spent keeping the gigantic tanks and intricate pipe systems spotlessly clean of any dirt or grease build-upso as not to contaminate the beer. And to top it all off malting of the barley produces rootlets that drip off and create a heavy dense paste; a byproduct that is often sold as animal feed which must be scooped out and stored away by you guessed it the brewmaster.

eanwhile the iPad ushered in the greatest revolution in masturbation since the birth of Internet porn.Of course when you're arguing with someone who's already made up his mind to disagree with you logic only makes him louder. This time they got so loud that Apple's stock droppednearly eight percent. For weeks it was all the Internet was talking about and then with a suddenness that was almost startling the Internet shut the fuck up about the iPhone 4. Jobs had agreed to waive the restocking fee if people wanted to return their phones and nobody returned them.They were too busy playing Plants vs. Zombies.In a rare moment of candor the blog CrunchGear which had been one of the leaders of the scandal dubbed Antennagate posted an apology titled: "We have met Antennagate and it is us"in which they admitted that they were "grasping at factual straws and thrusting them into the faces of everyone we encountered " because "controversy generates traffic." Of course this was a marginally popular post on a site whose most popular iPhone 4-related post is still "The top four iPhone 4 hardware issues so far."

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